Russell Brand is Still Talking About Katy Perry: “I Feel a Responsibility to Her”

Even though Russell Brand is dating someone new (pictured above, Isabella Brewster), he won’t quit talking about his ex-wife Katy Perry – I guess it’s getting him plenty of pro-longed attention, but sometimes it better to keep these things private and people will forget about them more quickly too. Anyway, Russell says he feels responsible for Katy and wants her to know that he only has love for her despite whatever happened between them that cause their marital problems:

”It was right for as long as it was right and now it’s right that we’re not together. I feel a responsibility to her – she’s living in all of this (Hollywood) and I don’t want her to read things that make her think I have anything other than love for her. Because I don’t want her to be hurt.”

Russell also admits that he finds being married very difficult but he never intended to cause Katy any kind of emotional distress even though things didn’t turn out as planned:

”It’s really hard to be married to someone. So really the fact is, this is a person I love and I don’t want to hurt her.”