Russell Brand on His Best Sex Record: Nine Orgasms in an Evening


Too much information? British comedian Russell Brand has revealed his highest ever organism count: 9 in just a single evening. Yep, he went there. Ok, so a fan was to blame for his overshare, because someone decided to ask him this delightful sex related question. Russell commented that he didn’t even need a whole day to make it up to the number 9:

“Once in Dublin. Nine. It wasn’t even a day. It was an evening. It was crazy there. What a mental night it was. I felt exhausted the next day. No I wasn’t on drugs. After I’ve came off drugs, I had a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, and I thought … [motions to waist] that way,”

He added that he doesn’t like to have sex unless every party involved is as satisfied as he is, so he makes sure to please his partner before he allows himself to have fun too:

“But you’ve got to make sure everyone is happy. I think that that person you’re having sex with must have an orgasm first, or you’re not fulfilling your duty as a man.”