Rumors Surrounding Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony’s Split

Posted by Katie F. on July 19th, 2011

Rumors surrounding Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Divorce


Just days after Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their divorce, rumors are swirling about what caused the split and how they’re both dealing with it.

One source close to the couple insists they split because they couldn’t stop fighting. They chose to end their marriage “after months of nonstop arguing” for the sake of their two children. One source also attributed the divorce to Jennifer’s involvement with William Levy, the man who starred in her “I’m Into You” music video. However, Levy has adamantly denied this rumor and insists he and Jennifer’s relationship was purely professional.

So how are Lopez and Anthony dealing with the split? Marc seems to be fine, and was even making jokes about the split at a recent concert. He was in Colombia to perform Saturday night when he said to fans, “They’re saying I’m single.” The crowd sang along and cheered as he blew kisses at girls in the crowd.  As for Jennifer, she might not be handling the situation as well. Several of her close pals say,

“She is devastated. Absolutely beside herself. This is someone she dedicated a long time to, and that she truly loved. “

She’s working now on rebuilding her life as a single mom, which will take some getting used to. Still, she’s jumping right into to it and looking toward the future. She’s also focusing on her busy work schedule, which will help keep her mind off things.

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