Robert Pattinson Shocks Fans By Cutting His Hair

Posted by Katie F. on July 11th, 2011

Robert Pattinson's crazy new haircut for his newest film


Any Twilight fan could tell you all about Robert Pattinson’s signature messy hairstyle. Those same fans will no doubt be shocked to see what Pattinson did to his hair recently.

He was spotted over the weekend in Canada with a strange new haircut. It’s buzzed on one side and still long and floppy on the other. He also looks like he has patchy bald spots all over his head.

Pattinson does have an excuse for the new look though. He is currently in Canada shooting Cosmopolis, which is based on a novel by Don Delillo. In the film, he plays a character that freaks out while getting a haircut and runs away from the barber shop in the middle of it. Well, at least it was for the film and not some new trend R-Patz is trying to start.

The actor was first photographed with the new ‘do early Friday morning after wrapping up a night of filming. He tried to leave the set around 5:00 am, only to be met by a group of fans waiting to catch a glimpse of the star. He signed autographs for a few minutes but then finally got to leave.

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