Rip Torn Denied Probation, Still Has Love Of Millions

Posted by Moxie on August 11th, 2010

LITCHFIELD, CT - MAY 25: Actor Rip Torn attends court at Litchfield Superior Court May 25, 2010 in Litchfield, Connecticut. Torn is charged with breaking and entering a bank while armed, he claims he mistook as his home following a drunken spree last January. (Photo by Wendy Carlson/Getty Images)

I know I’ve said before that Bill Murray is like America’s favorite loony grandpa, but I’m downgrading him to eccentric uncle so I can replace him with Rip Torn.

You may remember Rip Torn from such classic movies as Men In Black, where he played the irascible Z, or Dodgeball, where he played the cantankerous dodgeball coach, or The Hold-Up, where he played the drunken man who broke into a bank while carrying a gun. That last movie is also known as REAL LIFE.

Torn has been denied probation by a judge who believes that the actor’s crime was “too serious” to allow him to receive accelerated rehabilitation. He will stand trial on charges of criminal trespassing, possession of a firearm with no permit, and criminal mischief, stemming from his arrest in January after being caught inside a Connecticut bank. When police found him inside the bank, Torn claimed he thought it was his home.

This guy’s house looks like a bank? So he’s crazy and rich, and will be in jail for a while longer? Hmm…::Mapquests Connecticut::

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