Rihanna and Chris Brown Reconnect Over Twitter

Posted by Katie F. on May 16th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com

Rihanna and Chris Brown haven’t had much contact since Brown’s attack on the singer before the Grammy Awards in February 2009. There was even a restraining order prohibiting Brown from having any contact with her at one point. Now, the two seem to be slowly reconnecting, even if it’s just through Twitter.

Rihanna started following Chris Brown on Twitter this weekend. Soon after she followed him, Chris followed her as well. Rumor has it that they then sent about a dozen private messages to each other.

Other Twitter users were quick to notice. One even criticized Rihanna and told her she “better not” get back together with Brown because she needs to be a role model. The singer was quick to respond with,

“its fu**in twitter, not the alter! calm down.”

Who knows what kind of contact Rihanna and Chris have had before this  – but I sure hope that if they are trying to reconnect and be “friends” or whatever, Twitter wasn’t their first strategy.

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