Richard Simmons is Praying for Jessica

Posted by Chrissie on February 23rd, 2009


Well, it’s been a whole month since Jessica Simpson debuted not only a fashion disaster, but a startling figure to go with it. And while we don’t exactly care “too much” about what Hollywood women should look like, we do care when it comes to this one since she basically jumped to stardom the second she put on a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. And finally someone has offered to help. Leave it to Richard Simmons to say the things that we are all thinking (in our inside voices) but are too polite to say out loud.

“We eat for so many reasons and most of the reasons are emotional. I pray for all those celebrities who are having a really tough time.”

Jessica’s only real response to any of the weight backlash is that she is ‘right where she is supposed to be’ and that she is ‘healthy and so happy’. Well, more power to her then if she’s not totally full of it. I have to say, if the WHOLE WORLD was talking about how fat I got, and even RICHARD SIMMONS was said to be praying for me as a result…I wouldn’t be too happy. Would you?



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