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Report of the Day: Tom Cruise Has Set Up a “Sizable” Trust Fund for Suri

Katie Holmes may have failed to drain Tom Cruise’s bank account following their divorce (and it seems like she didn’t even try to, what a nice ex-wife she has been) but Tom is still going to make sure his daughter Suri will have plenty of cash for the rest of her life. He has reportedly set up a sizable trust fund, at Katie’s request, to make sure she’ll never run out of dough. Katie won’t have access to the fund, and Suri will have to wait until she’s a certain age before she can get her hands on it too:

“Katie wanted the trust fund put in place for Suri so that their daughter will be able to tap into after she turns eighteen years old, Katie has absolutely no access to the money and didn’t want to. She just wanted to ensure that Suri would have financial security as she becomes an adult. It’s a sizable trust fund, but Suri won’t be able to fully legally claim it until she is in her 30s. Tom had no problem with the request and planned on doing it for Suri anyway.”

Will Suri Cruise ever work a real day in her life? The answer was always no, but it looks like she’ll be buying up the New York skyline when she comes of age now.