Report of the Day: Katie Holmes Divorcing to Save Suri From Scientology

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing – WTF! Ok, the divorce isn’t that shocking, even if they always looked so shiny-happy together and always stepped out holding hands. Now some rumors have emerged as to why it is all happening, and apparently Katie wants to quit his ass because Tom was planning to haul their beloved young daughter Suri off to some creepy Scientology camp, which explains why Katie went after sole custody too. The reports say that Tom wanted Suri to be enrolled in Scientology organization known as Sea Organization, who provide army style training to religious nuts. WOW!

If that is true, Big IF, then Katie’s divorce isn’t surprising and may actually mean that she’s a normal human being, even though she spent years being controlled by her strange and often over-enthusiastic husband Tom. The report may be totally fabricated, but it makes sense that it has something to do with Suri and it seems like Katie is trying her hardest to protect her from Tom. We can only wait to see how weird and bizarre these divorce proceedings get, but lets hope Katie lets something juicy out of the bag to get sole custody.