Report of the Day: Johnny Depp Slept With Eva Green?

Now that Johnny Depp and long-time girlfriend Vanessa Paradis have officially called it quits, rumors are flying as to what happened between the seemingly solid couple. A new report claims that trouble brewed from both camps. Johnny reportedly grew bored of Vanessa, started drinking and sleeping with other women, including Eva Green and Amber Heard. The source comments:

“Vanessa was so horrible and Johnny was so miserable that Johnny started drinking and he strayed with other women including “allegedly, an extra on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean” (the last one). He also maybe fooled around with Eva Green, Amber Heard, his publicist and God knows who else.”

Apparently Vanessa started acting out because she wanted to call it quits some time ago but Depp wouldn’t let the relationship come to an end. Vanessa wanted to move to Los Angeles, but once the couple did they fell apart because of stress:

“Vanessa wanted to break up 2 years ago because she was unhappy – Vanessa “complained all the time about their low key lifestyle. She didn’t want to stay on a private island and quietly raise their babies. She was bored and restless. V was the one who wanted to move to LA and that’s when it all unravelled.”

Who knows if these things really did drive the couple to go their separate ways, but hopefully they are both happier now that they’ve split for good!