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Not a Repeat Headline: Britney Spears on the Verge of a Breakdown

What happens when someone who had a massive breakdown over the pressure of the spotlight is forcefully shoved back into the pressure of the spotlight? The answer is a massive breakdown. Britney didn’t cope with fame so well the first time around. She gave herself a makeshift Sinead O’Connor haircut. Then she umbrella-ed a paparazzi car. Then her money was basically no longer under her control as her father became her conservator. Now, Britney is back on the X Factor and according to sources, it won’t be long before she’s sharpening the end of her brolly and asking Sinead for buzz cut tips. The insider said:

“For her, it’s all input as stress, this is a lot of change at once for Britney. She’s coming undone.”

The source claims she isn’t totally normal since it all went wrong back in 07/08 and this could just bring it all back:

“She really is starting to seem loopy and not right, she is so happy one minute and sad and crying the next. Her emotions are fragile. She is very scared and overwhelmed by the thought of it, now that she’s gotten financially stable again, she is starting to let loose and let old demons come out.”

Britney looks reasonably normal in all the X Factor promo photos so far, but she does seem a little nervous in front of the camera – hopefully she can handle it.