Recap: True Blood, Episode 3: “It Hurts Me Too”

Posted by Angela on July 4th, 2010

Source: HBO

When we left off last time, Sookie was firing a gun at the wolf waiting in her living room while Eric bared his fangs at it. We open with a shot of Eric jumping in front of the wolf and getting hit by the wolf, who immediately phases back into a human and tries to drink Eric’s blood. Eric demands to know who he works for, Sookie shoots the were when he tries to run, and Eric quickly bites and kills him.

Back at the King’s mansion, Lorena is cracked and smoking after being set on fire by Bill at the close of the last episode. She’s wrapped in a tapestry and healing quickly now, much to Talbot’s dismay, who whines about the value of the tapestry. The King asks for a moment with Bill and reveals that he’s been pretending to work with Lorena but would rather have Bill for his own (his creepy words, not mine). He asks Bill how much he really loves Sookie and why he doesn’t turn her like he himself turned Talbot centuries ago. Bill answers that it isn’t a choice in his normal, melancholy manner.

Back at Sookie’s, Eric’s burying the werewolf in Sookie’s backyard. He tells her that this pack of wolves is danger, that they have no fear of death and that their strength can even be a challenge for him once they’ve had some V. Sookie thanks him for saving her life and tells him that he heard “Jackson” in the were’s thoughts before Eric killed him. Eric tells him that’s where he lives and insists that she doesn’t go that night. She says she’ll go the next night but he refuses to accompany her. He asks him if he’ll feel it if she gets in trouble, and he replies with a yes but that he probably can’t get to Mississippi fast enough.

After beating up two rednecks with him last night, it looks like Tara’s ended up at Franklin’s place. They’re having sex and in the heat of the moment, she tells him to bite her but he refuses her because she wants him to (again, his words, not mine). Later, Franklin presses her to tell him her romantic past but she (predictably) freaks out and begins to get dressed. He asks for her name and tells him his, but she refuses to tell him and leaves. By the way, I am loving James Frain as Franklin Mott so far. The accent is really doing it for me and he plays the creepy vampire part perfectly.

In unrelated storylines, Sam storms back into his birth family’s home and tells Tommy that he doesn’t appreciate him trying to kill him, to which Tommy responds that he doesn’t appreciate him going into his family home and acting like he belongs there. Their mother shows up and asks Sam to stay the night, but he says he needs to get back to Bon Temps.

Jessica is still back home with no dead body and freaking out. She calls Pam just while the older vamp is going down on another girl and tells her the story. Pam coolly answers that it doesn’t sound like a problem to her and hangs up.

We get a quick shot of Jason telling Hoyt that his destiny is to become a cop. Later, Hoyt quizzes Jason on basic police questions which he doesn’t know any of the answers to. Hoyt interjects to ask for advice about the situation with Jessica and Jason just tells him to move on.

We found out that Arlene’s pregnant last week and now we see her getting an ultrasound. The doctor tells her the baby is three months along, which means it’s her ex-fiance Rene’s baby, not Terry’s. Later at Merlotte’s, she tells Terry she’s pregnant and lets him believe that she’s carrying his baby. He is ecstatic and she looks guilty.

Tara heads over to Eggs’ funeral after getting a call at work and is the only guest. Apparently, Eggs has no other family that anyone knows of. Sookie shows up out of the woods and says that she paid for the funeral. We find out that Egg’s first name is Benedict, which finally explains his nickname.

Suddenly, we’re given a flashback of Bill’s from 1868, when he’s going to see his wife Caroline who thought he was dead. She shows him his son Thomas’s coffin and it turns out he’s died of pox. Bill cries while looking at Thomas’s dead body and Caroline realizes that he’s crying blood instead of tears. She flips out and he reveals that his human life was taken from him. She grabs a gun, shoots him, and runs away. He runs after her and sees that Lorena has grabbed her. Bill tries to talk to her but Lorena grabs her and seems ready to kill her

Jason is taking the police exam and doesn’t know any of the answers. He goes back to the front page to see cryptic symbols on it instead of words. He sees gunshots on the foreheads of the sheriff, who’s proctoring the exam, and all of the other test takers, before realizing he’s not wearing any pants. Luckily, he’s woken up by Lafayette, who needs his signature so construction can continue. They’re interrupted by Hoyt, who yells that he’s discovered a body with no head in the ditch he was digging in. While staring down at it later, Sheriff Deerborne abruptly announces that he’s quitting, frustrated that murder cases keep popping up every time he’s finished the last.

As Sookie’s cleaning the stain of blood from the werewolf off of her carpet, she’s interrupted by someone’s thoughts behind her. It turns out to be Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf who’s been sent by Eric to protect her. Later they sit at her dining room table, and he asks why Eric isn’t protecting Sookie himself, to which she responds that she isn’t his. Alcide tells her that he doesn’t do favors for vampires and is only helping his dad pay off his debt to Eric. He also reveals that his ex is “banging” the wolf pack’s leader.

Back to Bill’s flashback: Bill tells Caroline he won’t allow Lorena to hurt her, but she begs him to kill her himself. Lorena instructs him to “make her forget,” and he does. He and Lorena end up burying Thomas together and she tells him that the only way to show his love for a human is to stay away forever. Bill wakes up from the dream with bloodtracks on his face.

The King is meeting with someone who appears to be the leader of the werewolves, who says that it’s been 24 hours since “him or the waitress” were last seen, and insisting that somebody got “him.” Lorena says that it’s Eric, who she says has a perverse interest in “that waitress.” I’m guessing that the “him” they’re all referring to is the werewolf who was waiting in Sookie’s living room. Bill shows up and renounces his fealty to Louisiana and pledges his loyalty to Mississippi. The King tells his minions to stop going after Sookie and Lorena is upset.

Eric shows up at Lafayette’s house in the middle of the night and gives him a brand new convertible. Lafayette says he hasn’t been able to move all of the V yet, but Eric placates him, telling him that he could be quite wealthy if he wanted to. Lafayette says he’ll think about it. I can’t tell if the car is a bribe or a true gift.

Sam’s birth family has showed up to Merlotte’s to surprise him and his father brings a tray full of shots back to their table to share with Tommy. Sam intervenes, insisting that Tommy can’t drink since he’s underage. His already-drunk father gets angry and raises his voice, but his mother quickly drags them out.

Franklin Mott shows up at Jessica’s door. She threatens him with her fangs and he shows her his too, pushing his way in. She asks how he knows her name and he says that it’s his job and that he “finds things, anything that needs finding.” She tells him about Bill and Franklin asks her if anyone else she knows has gone missing lately, hinting at the trucker. She says she can’t think of anything and he jogs her family by pulling the head of the dead trucker out of the shopping bag he brought. He tells her to tell him everything she knows about Bill.

Sam is woken by an alarm and walks into his study with a gun to find Tommy in bird form, who quickly flies out of the window. It’s clear he’s been looking for something.

Sookie and Alcide show up to a werewolf bar in Mississippi. They split off and she goes up to a group of guys, acting ditzy and asking them to buy her a drink. She namedrops Fangtasia and a tall, intimidating werewolf named Cooter goes to talk to her. She reads his thoughts and sees Bill when she touches him. He takes her to a backroom and starts attacking her when she asks him to bring her to a vampire. She screams and Alcide attacks the other werewolf, resulting in a scuffle on the bar floor. Afterwards, his friend tells him that his ex Debbie is getting engaged to Cooter.

Tara opens the door at Sookie’s house to find Franklin Mott, who reveals that Jessica told him her name and that he understands that she lives in the house of a “human companion of a Mr. Bill Compton.” She demands to know who he works for and refuses to let him in, but he glamours her into it. Somehow, it feels like that shouldn’t be allowed.

In the final scene, Lorena enters Bill’s room and congratulates him on winning the trust of the King. She says his only loyalty is to his own sentiment, first to his human wife Caroline and now to Sookie. He pins her against the wall, exclaiming that she was right that a vampire’s love will only bring pain to a human and insisting that he’ll never love her. He throws her down on the bed to have his way with her and twists her head a full 180 degrees around, while she tells him he loves her.

I have to say that I’m excited to see more of both Alcide and Franklin next year. The men on this show are really doing it for me lately (except for Bill). Are you excited for this week’s episode of True Blood?

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