Recap: True Blood, Episode 2: “Beautifully Broken”

Posted by Angela on June 27th, 2010

Source: HBO

The premiere last week ended with a closing shot of Bill being surrounded by werewolves, and this episode starts where that one left off. A fight has started and we see Bill chewing on the ear of one of his captors, having already killed a few of his attackers.

The King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, shows up on a horse and reveals that he was the one behind Bill’s kidnapping. He brutally shoots one of the werewolves after finding out that they drained Bill.

At the King’s mansion, we’re introduced to his lover Talbot, and Bill is forced to stay to hear out why the King summoned him. It turns out that the King wants to marry Queen Sophie-Anne and combine the Louisiana and Mississippi territories. Sophie-Anne has rejected his offer though, and he wants information from Bill to blackmail her into the false marriage. Bill’s maker and ex-lover, Lorena, is also in the mansion, having joined forces with the King.

Meanwhile, Sookie and Jessica visit Eric. Sookie begs Eric for his help, but he rebuffs her tears, saying, “Please don’t do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human.” She brings up Godric, and we see a flashback from Eric. He and Godric had hunted werewolves who draw power from vampire blood while disguised as SS officers.

Jessica also asks Pam for advice on how not to kill someone while feeding on them. Her acid response? She thinks of “crying children with saggy diapers. Also, maggots.” She returns home to Hoyt at her door with a six pack of B positive Tru Blood, her favorite. He tells her that they can fight their natures together, but she rejects him. Her pivotal moment comes when she finds that the dead trucker she drained has disappeared after she had slept under the floorboards with him.

Andy gets some media attention for “shooting Eggs”, and Jason seems to be jealous. Andy tells him to lie low for a while but instead, Jason keeps showing up, later randomly helping Andy catch a meth dealer.

Elsewhere, Sam has met his real family. He figures out that his birth mother had given him away at birth, hoping that he was not a shifter. His brother Tommy is also a shifter, and he tries to kill Sam when the two go on a run in their animal forms.

Lafayette takes Tara to see his mentally ill mother after her suicide attempt, and meets a cute nurse named Jesus in the process. Later, Tara meets vampire Franklin Mott at Merlotte’s, who helps her take out some of her frustration on two drunk trunkers.

At the end, Eric shows up at Sookie’s to hit on her, but senses something inside the house and asks her to invite him in. She does and he immediately sniffs out a werewolf waiting in her living room. The episode ends with Sookie firing a shot in their direction.

What are your thoughts on this season so far? Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode?

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