Recap: So You Think You Can Dance, Top 10 Week

Posted by Angela on June 27th, 2010

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This week starts off with a clip revealing which all-star each of the dancers will be paired with this week, which I’m not a fan of. I loved guessing the style and partner based on their outfits last week. Twitch Boss and Neil Haskell are the two all-stars not picked, which I don’t particularly mind. Cat says that the pre-performance clips will include anecdotes about each of the Top 10’s first dance performances, which sounds potentially adorable.

First up is Cristina Santana, who was in the bottom three last week. She performs a pasa doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux with one of my favorite all-stars, Pasha Kovalev. I’ve felt pretty neutral about Cristina up until now, but this is a great performance. She embodies the character perfectly and it’s very passionate. The judges give her stellar comments, which is to be expected since she’s a salsa dancer.

Adechike Torbert shows up next. He talks a little bit about his father being a dancer and is partnered with all-star Allison Holker, possibly my favorite female dancer to ever appear on the show, for a contemporary Mandy Moore number. He does well with it, which is to be expected again since it’s his style. I’m neutral about Adechike as well, and the judges tell him that he needs to commit to the character despite the difficulty of the choreography.

Next up is ballet dancer Alex Wong, who shares that he actually started out doing tap and hated ballet when he first started it. Interesting. He performs a Broadway routine with all-star Lauren Gottlieb. Tyce Diorio choreographs what he calls a sexy number, but it just seems slow and unoriginal to me. Alex is one of my favorites though, and his technique is fantastic as always. The judges slam him once again for being “unemotional,” which I don’t agree with. They think he needs to go deeper with the characters in his performances.

Wallflower Ashley Galvan talks about her mother dressing her up as a girly girl, accompanied by some adorable photos. She also gets assigned possibly the best ever choreographer/all-star combination: season 2 runner-up Travis Wall and all-star Mark Kanemura, respectively. I love the routine; Ashley holds her own next to Mark and Travis is easily the best choreographer of the SYTYCD bunch for me. Unfortunately, the judges pan it for being more contemporary than jazz, and Travis looks like he’s ready to jump up there and strangle them all. So am I.

Judge favorite Billy Bell is on next, and his photos reveal that he used to be a fat baby! Aww. His first performance involves black leather with fire, and is adorable. He had a great personality even back then! Billy is paired with Comfort Fedoke for a krump routine choreographed by Lil C, which seems like it could potentially be disastrous. I’m not positive, but it seems like Billy is the only contemporary dancer to have been out of his element for both of the first two weeks. I’m impressed with Billy though; he does better than I would have expected for a sweet little contemporary dancer. The judges disagree though, and are surprisingly harsh, with Adam calling it “a failed experiment.” Thankfully, they all acknowledge that he is still one of the best dancers to have ever been on the show.

Contemporary dancer Robert Roldan’s was a “shining star” in his first performance, and it’s again adorable. He does an Argentine Tango, my favorite ballroom dance, by Jean-Marc Genereaux with Anya Garnis. The routine is sexy, passionate, and essentially flawless. I’m not sure if that’s because of Robert though; the Argentine tango always seems to showcase the woman much more for me, and my eyes are on the always perfect Anya the whole time. The judges don’t mention it though, and praise Robert for his performance.

Melinda Sullivan is up next. Her first performance at the age of four is to die for (I’ve used adorable too many times to describe these clips already.), and she says she felt like she was on Broadway. She’s doing a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine with Ade Obayami, another one of the standout all-stars for me. It features some interesting costumes, with Melinda dressed as Mother Earth and Ade representing mankind. Poor Melinda has had a tough time with her tap background, and while she does well, it’s one of the less memorable performances on the night. The judges compliment her on her performance despite her tap training though.

B-boy Jose Ruiz performs next, and says he didn’t start dancing until the ripe age of 14. He’s assigned a Bollywood routine with Kathryn McCormick, which I have to comment on. Since when has Kathryn’s specialty been Bollywood? The last time I checked, she was a contemporary dancer. Still, they both do well with it, and it’s energy is infectious. I just love watching the Bollywood routines. The judges give him good comments, and mention his growth as a dancer again.

Lauren Froderman takes the stage next, describing her first dance performance as a crazy mess. She’s doing a Tessandra Sanchez lyrical hip-hop routine about abusive relationships with b-boy Dominic Sandoval. Lauren was not nearly as great as I’d expected last week, but this dark routine brings her back. She does an amazing job with the character, and the judges compliment her on her hard work and for taking their advice the previous week.

Last but not least is the adorable (I couldn’t resist using that word again!) Kent Boyd, who talks about the excess of energy he had a child. He performs a jazz piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio with Courtney Galiano. It’s dark and sexy and Kent manages to pull off the character for the second week in a row! The judges give him great critiques.

The results show opens with a dark and snappy jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. I love it, as I love almost all of Sonya’s choreography.

Half an hour later, Cat tells us that Cristina Santana, Melinda Sullivan, and Robert Roldan are the dancers in the bottom three. I’m not surprised by Melinda landing there, but am very much surprised to see both Robert and Cristina joining her. My guess is that Robert’s is a case of his fans assuming he’s safe and that Cristina just isn’t connecting with the audience.

The first guest performance features audition favorite Bryan Gaynor and his crew, Remote Control. Though he has severe scoliosis, Bryan impressed the judges this season by popping and locking to “Fireflies” by Owl City. I love that Nigel’s kept his word and brought him back; the group is truly amazing and Bryan is inspiring even to non-dancers like myself.

The bottom three do their solos next, and Robert is the obvious standout. He’s clearly fighting hard to stay and with a fantastic solo like that, I’m sure he will. Cristina’s is energetic and fun as always, but it’s nearly impossible to make ballroom solos look unique. I like Melinda; she’s cute and has a great personality but tap solos just don’t do it for me.

Singer Debi Nova performs yet, and I’ve never heard of her but I’m riveted because of the background dancers, who are six of the all-stars: Comfort, Courtney, Lauren, Ade, Mark, and Neil. Smart to place them behind her!

It’s finally decision time. Nigel immediately declares Robert safe. Then all eyes are on Melinda, who Nigel says the audience hasn’t been able to connect with. Nonetheless, she’s been saved by Mia and Adam and we lose another girl in the form of Cristina.

I have to admit that Cristina was better than Melinda, but for whatever reason, I prefer Melinda so I’m happy with the decision. What did you think of the performances and judges’ decision? Will a boy finally go home next week or do you think another girl will be sacrificed? And is the new format working for you or are you still missing the old? Give us your take in the comments!

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