Recap: Entourage, Episode 1: “Stunted”

Posted by Angela on July 4th, 2010

At the close of last season, we saw Turtle get dumped by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who is moving to New Zealand to film a new TV show, Eric and Sloan finally get engaged, Ari buy back his old agency, Drama finally get a holding deal with a TV network, and Vince continue his vacation.

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Turtle seems to be trying to get over Jamie by working hard; we see that he’s launched the hot girls limo service he’d talked about a few seasons ago. Still, there’s always a problem employee and in this case it’s Alex, who is late and gets lost easily.

Vince is working with Nick Cassavetes, the director of The Notebook, Alpha Dog, and My Sister’s Keeper, on a new action film. Nick is frustrated with the stunt double, who he insists doesn’t look enough like Vince. He wants Vince to do the stunt himself, and he and another producer lay it on thick, telling Vince that the movie will suck and make Vince look badly if he doesn’t do the stunt himself. Of course, it’s Vince and he can’t make any decisions by himself so he calls Eric and asks for advice. Eric is totally against it and rings up Ari to discuss it further.

We see Ari at TMA, now the biggest agency in the world. He seems more stressed than usual, and frustrated with his staff. He gets the call from Eric about the stunt and they discuss E’s impending marriage briefly. Eric mentions that he and Sloan are doing well and getting married in October. When the stunt comes up, Ari quickly agrees with Eric that it’s a bad idea and says he’ll talk Vince out of it later.

Drama has a bad meeting with his producer, Phil, who says the network still hasn’t taken up any of the series Drama was set to do. Phil tells him his agents need to be reading more scripts before his holding deal ends in just eight weeks. He’s in a bad mood, and tells Turtle to fire Alex when he overhears her saying she got lost again.

Back on set, Vince considers the stunt, but realizes that even the smallest driving error could be very dangerous — and we already know he isn’t a great driver. Ari shows up a little later and learns that the studio doesn’t know about the stunt and has no insurance for it. Nick, another client of Ari’s, tells him not to call the studio. Still, Ari proves his loyalty to Vince yet again, calling Eric immediately and telling him to call the studio.

Drama tells Lloyd and Ari he needs to find a show in eight weeks. Something’s up though, and Lloyd reluctantly tells him that one of the shows Phil pitched, The Fall Guy, is getting made, but with Dean Cain in the lead rather than Drama. Later, Phil tells Drama that the network wanted someone prettier for the role.

Nick is angry to find out that the studio now knows the stunt and continues pressuring Vince to do it himself. Vince’s backed into a corner at this point and seems to feel obligated to do it. A little later, he tells his friends he’s decided to do it, and they joke about it, making him feel even worse about it. He doesn’t hesitate and calls the studio to tell them.

Alex calls Turtle to say that she’s lost the car at a parking lot and he’s predictably angry. When they finally find it, she tells him that her parents’ divorce has been distracting her and he moves in for a kiss. Alex is annoyed and decides to quit because she doesn’t want to just get by because Turtle has a crush on her.

Ari’s on set on the day of the stunt and in a hot water with the missus, who’s pissed because he skipped out on a school meeting and a trip to Cabo San Lucas he offered her. Nick shows him an ad he’s taken out in Variety with a photo of Ari drunk and in drag, adding to his misery.

Finally, it’s showtime. Nick gets in the car with Vince, who’s clearly nervous with shaky hands. He pulls the jump off without a hitch but doesn’t put on the brakes in time and the car bursts through a burning shed.

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