Another “Real Housewife” Beatdown. Yay!

Posted by Rebecca on December 24th, 2010

Seriously, I’m pumped, because this one is awesome.

Lisa Vanderpump, one of those brilliant ladies atop the attention train (choo choo) got mauled in the wee morning hours.  Do you know her? Well she’s one of the ridiculous stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyhoo, she was loitering around the Beverly Hills Hotel around, I dunno…whatever “wee hours” mean to old people, and BAM, some drunk dude gets all up in her business.

Lisa tells TMZ that  she was sitting in a booth minding her business with her husband, reporter Robert Kovacik and a gaggle of old people.  Then a drunk dude comes up to them and starts in with these “taunts,” such as…

“I’ve seen the show.  You’re wearing a lot more make-up now, and your eyes are darker and smokier.”


“What are you doing sitting with old people?”

Then he punched Kovacik in the face. What?  First of all, these don’t seem like taunts to me. If I got called out on wearing makeup in public, it would be a PERSONAL TRIUMPH.  And also,  maybe the drunk guy felt outnumbered and lashed out? I mean, come on, we all like to have five too many drinks and punch a dude. Am I right?  Fight or flight, people.  It’s called SCIENCE.

In any case, not sure whether charges are being pressed yet,  but Kovacik got some stitches and the world continues to rotate on its axis, per usual.

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