A Rainbow Vomited on a Drunk Christina Aguilera’s Hair

Posted by PZ on October 1st, 2012

Christina Aguilera was spotted exiting Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, clearly happily celebrating the release of the new music video for her latest song ‘Your Body’. Gripping tightly on to beau Matt Rutler’s arm in order to stay upright, Christina appeared to have had a few too many glasses of Cristal as she wobbled to her car, hopefully she wasn’t the designated driver. Wearing a printed figure-hugging monochrome dress, which she paired with bright pink Barbie looking heels, Christina also flaunted a new revolting hair look – rainbowish pink and purple dipped hair.

With red lips and purple eyeshadow, Christina’s hair and makeup look like they’ve been spewed forth from the color fairy without much thought. Her simple printed dress actually looks great – it’s modern and elegant, and would have been classy if there hadn’t been so much other junk thrown into the mix. Luckily we have Amanda Bynes to distract us as our latest trainwreck, otherwise the media would be all over Christina’s tanked-up print butt. Christina is a 31-year-old mom of one, and sure, embracing your own style is great, but this looks like she got drunk before she decided on this one. Bad taste galore.

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