Rachel Zoe to the world: I’m not too thin, I’m just small-boned.

Posted by Christine on January 27th, 2010

This girl LOVES her some Rachel Zoe Project and does worry about (or envy) everyone’s favorite stylist from time to time but even after a pic of Zoe walking the beach in St. Barts looking dangerously thin, she admitted to E! Tuesday night at the Rimowa store opening in Beverly Hills that she is fine and the rumors are just silly.  Yes, sometimes Zoe can look dangerously thin but if she says shes fine, I say leave it be.  If she really does have an eating disorder or is really sick, I just hope it doesn’t interfere with any seasons of her Bravo hit the Rachel Zoe Project.  Kidding, we don’t think eating disorders or sickness is funny, but seriously you be the judge: How thin is too thin?

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