Rachel McAdams Is Unsure About Marriage Because She Thinks It’s a Big Deal

Posted by PZ on February 28th, 2012

Rachel McAdams loves the idea of marriage, but doesn’t want to take the plunge unless she is certain. Rachel, who is currently dating Michael Sheen, commented that she isn’t sure if she wants things to get more serious in the relationship but does like the idea of getting married and having kids at some point:

”Hmmm. That’s something that I’m not going to answer right now because right now I don’t know what the answer is.’ [Getting married and having children] is something I’ve always wanted.”

Even though she isn’t sure about her own future, she does believe that getting married is such a romantic, important thing. She believes that making that kind of promise in front of your friends and family takes a lot of courage and means something really big for your relationship:

”A friend just got married to a guy she’d known for six years and had been living with for a long time. She was such a ball of nerves! She loves the guy and at first I was thinking, ‘Isn’t this part just the formality?’ Then I realised there’s a big difference between whispering sweet nothings when it’s just the two of you and getting up and making the promise in front of all the people you love, who will be in your life for the rest of your life. I think that to make a public vow is a really romantic and strong gesture.”

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