Rachel McAdams Likes to Stay Friends With Old Boyfriends

Posted by PZ on March 1st, 2012

Morning Glory actress Rachel McAdams has revealed that she likes to keep things friendly even when a relationship doesn’t work out because she believes each relationship is create to teach us something and so she still feels that old boyfriends are important to keep around – she likes to make the most of it:

”Am I still friends with my old boyfriends? Yes, absolutely. There’s no one who’s ever been significantly in my life for whom I don’t have a sort of tenderness because they helped to shape who I am. However long someone is in your life, they’re there to teach us something and I try to make the most of any relationship.”

Rachel, who is currently dating Michael Sheen, says that when she is made laugh by a guy, she instantly finds him charming so she believes a sense of humor is the most important thing:

”First and foremost, a sense of humour [is attractive]. You can have passion, you can have interests in common and all the other good things. But if it’s to be a long-term relationship, then you’re going to need something to get you through the trials and tribulations.”

She likes to be able to laugh along with whoever she is dating because she doesn’t want things to be serious all the time:

”The ability to laugh together and not take anything too seriously is essential. It’s a way to connect that forgives a lot of other things and it allows you to move on much more quickly if there’s a problem.”

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