Rachel McAdams Flashes Engagement BLING

Posted by Rebecca on May 10th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com

That’s right. I put BLING instead of RING, because I’m a WORDSMITH. And don’t you forget it.

In a US Weekly photo, 32 year old Rachel McAdams was flaunting a big ‘ol ring that their reps are attesting is DEF not an engagement ring. Okay…so why is it on her engagement finger? To make a statement? Hmmm…let’s get down to brass tacks. Er, catch the case. Er, let the cat out of the bag. I dunno, insert an expression.

Rachel is currently dating Michael Sheen who has a kid with Kate Beckinsale and McAdams has also been on and off with hottie Ryan Gosling. So…what’s gonna happen with Sheen and McAdams??! Dying to know.

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