Rachel Evan Wood Not Cool, Still 23

Posted by PZ on April 19th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com
Words: Rebecca

Wanna know why? She’s in the film Mildred Pierce. Also, in the Esquire interview, she talks extensively about her lame Shel Silverstein tattoo, and her Dr. Seuss tattoo! Yeah, that’s two tattoos based on children’s books. That’s exactly what a dude wants to see (Marilyn Manson, I’m talking to you) when he beds some hot 23 year old, right? What? Does she also have a CANOPY BED? How Black Swan can you get?

Anyhow, she has other tattoos about like, a Pink Floyd song or something, but whatever. She fancies herself “controversial,” which…is reflected in…I guess, her grotesque taste in men? Whatever. Then, she does the typical young girl who thinks she’s cool type of thing and talks about how she’s “one of the guys.” Yawnsville.

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