Princess Matilda Heir to the Throne

Posted by Chrissie on October 1st, 2008

Princess Matilda Ledger is seen here dressed as a princess and strolling on a drizzly rainy New York City morning with her nannies. Matilda is the wee daughter of Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger who died last January 22nd as a result of an accidental overdose of prescription medication. And since Heath’s death, a big to do has occurred over whether or not Matilda would inherit any of Heath’s estate. This happens quite frequently when parents do not change their wills, and Anna Nicole’s children went through the same thing. But since this rainy day, a closed court ruled that the two year old princess would become the legal heir to Heath’s estate now valued at $20 million dollars.

But that’s not all for Matilda. There is also a legal issue regarding an insurance policy that Heath had for $10 million dollars and Heath’s lawyer is suing the insurance company for death claims that have been unpaid, where Matilda is the sole beneficiary. Heath’s lawyer claims that the company is trying to avoid paying the claim but the insurance company, Relia Star has their own story. They claim that Heath lied on his insurance paperwork, and that they are still considering his death a suicide. The lawyer retorts back saying that no, if Relia Star had issues with Heath’s credibility, that would have had to have been investigated BEFORE his death, and that further, Heath’s death has been completely investigated and there is absolutely NO evidence or declaration of a suicide. But the lawyer doesn’t want to drag it out saying the suit could take YEARS to resolve, as Relia Star will be taking depositions from just about everyone they can in order to prolong the process.

My thoughts on that? Well, you know the lawyer is in a rush to collect his contingency, but that’s about the only 9-1-1 I see here. She’s 2. She JUST inherited $20 million. And Mom isn’t exactly collecting welfare to support her. If it takes some time, so be it. She’s 2.


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