Photo of the Day: Kristen Stewart Comes Out of Hiding in L.A. & Looks Very Moody!

Kristen Stewart has finally re-emerged from whatever opium den/ friend’s pool-house she has been riding the recent cheating scandal out in. Obviously seriously unhappy to see the paparazzi, Kristen looked ticked off as she makes her way to her vehicle in Los Angeles. Wearing a belly-baring crop-top and a backwards cap, Kristen looks like the most cliché version of a teenager you can think of, and her moody body language isn’t helping us forget the whole cheating thing, although she is obviously feeling guilty at the moment, or at least she looks it.

She may be back out and about and pretending to be back to normal, but the whole cheating scandal is far from being over – Kristen and Rob still haven’t bumped into each other in public yet (or even privately reportedly) and we all know it’s only a matter of time before they have to make an appearance together – that’s when things get awkward. Hopefully Rob will have a supermodel hanging off his arm by then to make things more funny. Kristen looks like she’s feeling terrible about the whole thing, but that might only be because of how public it all turned out to be.