Paula Abdul nearly throws up over X-Rated X-Factor

Posted by sparky on September 23rd, 2011


Paula Abdul was allegedly so disgusted when Geo Godley took off his pants during an audition for X-Factor that she left the arena and supposedly nearly threw up.

I don’t believe that she was that disgusted by the so-called Dong Dancer.  And from what I hear, he didn’t even show is mighty member.

If Paula was really disgusted by what she saw, she can now understand how I felt watching the X-Factor, which should be called X-Lax-Factor, because you want to crap watching it.  What a disappointing show!

American Idol is a million times better.  Who wants to watch shots of a loud, boisterous crowd screaming their approval or disapproval of people singing lousy songs?  Who wants to watch people showing off, dancing around looking like fools.  I can’t believe Simon has anything to do with this manure.   Geo Godley’s move, which I didn’t see, probably was the first thing that was worth watching on the show.

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