Paula Abdul Speaks on Living in a Haunted House

Posted by PZ on October 27th, 2011


Paula Abdul is glad that she left her 5 bedroom Los Angeles mansion in 2008 because she believes it is haunted. Paula decided to sell the house shortly after a fan commit suicide outside while parked outside the gate in their car. Paula says that it wasn’t just her who experienced the ghosts either:

 “It wasn’t just me. In my neighbourhood, there were (other) people who experienced ghosts. The first time, I thought it was just me seeing white light. I would jump and go, ‘What was that?'”

Abdul says that her housekeeper Marina also had a frightening experience while in the house:

 “I heard her scream because the lights went on and off, on and off. And the vacuum cleaner went on and off, and the (rocking) chair we had was going backwards. I am not kidding you. I saw that light. And I said, ‘We have ghosts’.

However, she admits that they were friendly and describes what they looked like:

“(I saw) what looked like a man in his 40s, hand-in-hand with his little son, who was in a little school uniform. I would see him walk by and I am like, ‘These are friendly ghosts.'”

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