Paula Abdul Fan Has Tragic Ending

Posted by Chrissie on November 14th, 2008

This is just one of those stories with weird and sad twists. We heard earlier this week that a body had been found outside American Idol judge Paula Abdul’s home, and the story has gone from bad to worse since that report. The body has been identified as Paula Godspeed and it has come to light that this Paula Godspeed was an obsessed fan of Paula Abdul’s and committed suicide outside her home. In fact, Paula has been stalking Abdul for as many as 17 years and touted herself as Abdul’s biggest fan. And this was a fan in the ‘over the edge’ kind of way.

Paula Godspeed did however get her fifteen minutes of fame and even got to meet her idol when she appeared in front of her idol and hero for an American Idol audition. If you have memories of a particularly dreadful Proud Mary audition in 2006, then you too will remember Paula Godspeed. And if you don’t remember, check out the You Tube video here for a snappy refresher…listen at your own discretion.

This same Paula Godspeed had been reported by her parents on Tuesday night as missing. And well, her parents knew just how bad the stalking was, as Paula Abdul’s address had been given to the authorities as a possible lead. But the police department may not have even needed this information, as Paula’s stalking was no secret to them, and a previous report on Godspeed had been filed on June 24th saying that an overdose would not be unexpected, and that, based on material they found in her home, they had been given ‘information that she may be suicidal’. Paula was found in her Toyota outside Paula Abdul’s gated estate. A picture of Paula Abdul was hanging from the mirror, and Godspeed’s license plate reads ‘ABL LV’ which is presumed to mean ‘Abdul Love’.

Because the stalking had been going on for 17 years, it is also presumed that Paula Abdul knew about the woman. As we know, celebrity stalking is not an unfamiliar concept. A Dr. Abrams, that analyzed the case after Paula had been identified stated that the stalking involves a personality disorder where an individual psychologically ties themselves to a star in order to become famous themselves. She says:

“Fans become a danger to themselves or others when they feel like they have a special relationship with an entertainer. By killing that person or killing themselves in front of them, that brings them attention and they’ll always be linked with them in some way.”

Paula Godspeed decided to become a danger to herself with this problem she was dealing with, and a bottle of prescription medication was found in her car. Nothing more is being said about the suicide at this point. Paula Abdul was not at home at the time that the body was found, and given the nature of the disorder, she may not have been home intentionally, BECAUSE of this woman. That we will never find out, though Abdul has released a statement that she is extremely saddened by the situation.

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