Paul McCartney to become a Jew…For Nancy Shevell?

Posted by sparky on October 30th, 2011


According to the National Enquirer, Paul McCartney, who just married Nancy Shevell, who is Jewish, is not only considering a conversion to Judaism, he’s actually working on it.  I first read about this here.

Paul’s beloved Linda, his first wife, was Jewish.  Although he talked about converting then, he never got around to doing anything about it.

Paul’s second wife, Heather Mills, was not Jewish.  But we all know how that ended.  Perhaps the horrendous Mills relationship is partly the impetus behind his new religious thinking.

I know what you raunchy readers are thinking.  Will this mean that Paul will have to be circumcised?  We here at Girls Talkin Smack think that sort of question is beneath our journalistic standards.  So I will only answer “yes”!

When Paul finally joins the tribe, I think Beatles’ fans need to be prepared for some new names to Beatles’ songs.

Here are some possible new titles:

  • Oy, A Hard Day’s Night
  • Shalom, Shalom [replacing Hello, Goodbye]
  • Come Together For A Minyan

I know, you’re groaning..Ok, can you think of any better title?…and I don’t want anti-semitic titles, like “Hey Jewd”



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