Paris Might Not Serve Full Time

Posted by Tiff on May 11th, 2007



Paris Hilton may not serve her full 45 day sentence, as ordered by a Californian judge. Why? Apparently this new development is related to jail over-crowding, and state policies. In fact, authorities say she might serve three weeks or less. Yahoo News noted a similar situation with actress Michelle Rodriguez in the past. She was originally sentenced to 60 days for driving under the influence, but was released hours after her sentence began due to crowding.

I’m not a hater, but I think it’s pretty pathetic that the states are basically letting people get away with things like this. That’s not how they learn. She was photographed driving by the paps yesterday, and yes, her license is still suspended. There’s no excuse for that when she, of all people, could easily have a driver.

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