Paris Hilton: I Promise to Deliver REAL Me on New Reality Show

Posted by Rebecca on January 14th, 2011

Ohhh! Yooo! Paris done gone and dun it again!  She’s reinventing what it means to be mediocre!

Paris is getting a NEW television show,  called The World According to Paris. What? But I’m not sick of seeing that BFF show above my public access television schedule channel (channel 2 anyone? No? Anyone? Bueller?). Anyhoo, it’s also starring her mom (WHY?) and Brooke Mueller (totally get it, insert crack pipe).

Says Paris,

“It’s a show like I’ve never done before. I’m really letting cameras into my real life, and it’s just a really all-access pass into what goes on,”

Great. That sounds…fantastic.  I’ll be in on all the action…like, hair extensions,  bitch slaps and general wastefulness. Where will this all be going down, you might ask? Well, on the home of lowest-denomination catfighting…

that’s right…

OXYGEN!  Wohoo!  The television show I was born to be on…uh, I mean, hate.  Paris keeps saying to ET that she is definitely, like, totally not playing a character, and will like, totally super duper be herself.  The most messed up thing is that Kathy Hilton is thrilled to be on the show, because according to ET,   she thinks the show’s a good way for her and Paris to spend quality time together.  WOW.

Can everyone just kill themselves now?  (looks to Brooke Mueller).  Yes, even you.

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