Paris Appeals

Posted by Kimberly on May 7th, 2007


Paris and Nicole will be gracing the upcoming cover of Harpers Bazaar to promote the fourth season of the Simple Life. I’m sure this was shot weeks ago, but isn’t it ironic that they’re wearing black and white striped gloves? In fact, the whole spread features the two of them running from the police. Paris tells the magazine “I think I get in more trouble just because of who I am”, and she also adds, “The cops do it all the time. They’ll just pull me over to hit on me. It’s really annoying. They’re like, ‘What’s your phone number? Want to go to dinner?”

Unsurprisingly Paris has appealed her jail sentence, and has also fired her rep Elliott Mintz.

So what do you guys think, will one of the two stars of the Simple Life being in jail help or hurt the show? Does anyone still watch it at all?

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