Oscars Fashion Report: Jennifer Lopez

Posted by PZ on March 8th, 2010

This was one of my least favourite looks on the Oscars red carpet last night: Jennifer Lopez’s dress. This dress looks like it’s made out of bubble wrap. The only part I like about this look is the top bodice section, where a small piece of the material overhangs and adds a sculptural effect to the top half. The rest of the dress is way too much, and makes J Lo look much wider because of the sheer volume of the thick material.

This dress stood out for the wrong reasons. I’m sure J Lo thought she was making a big fashion statement at the time and that she would grab everyones attention – but unfortunately it was more of a disaster dress which people were looking at in horror! I liked her big pearl earrings and her make-up was fantastic, but that didn’t save this horrible dress which was a total trainwreck on the red carpet. Time to fire that stylist J Lo!

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