Olsen Twin’s at Film Benefit: Tribute to Tim Burton

Posted by PZ on December 7th, 2009


The Olsen’s both appeared at the Tim Burton Film Benefit showcasing matching Hermes bags. The twins went for two totally different looks, Ashley has been trying out the girly sophisticated style lately, and Mary-Kate is staying true to her Bohemian Look. I kind of get where Ashley was coming from when she paired the blue dress with the Trench Coat – however the yellow Manolo Blahniks don’t quite fit the look. I love her coat, although I think it would have been much more chic buttoned up with some vintage style boots or sandals.

Mary-Kate went for a very “Corpse Bride” look! The hat, jacket and dress combination, although fitting to the Tim Burton event, doesn’t really work in any other sense! Her fur jacket would have made a bigger impact with a shorter dress underneath. The hat and lipstick are both of course, totally wrong, wrong, wrong and her hair makes her look like an old lady with a perm! I normally like what Mary-Kate puts together but this outfit is certainly not to her usual standard of “weird cool” that she has invented,  this look is 100% horrific.

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