Oh Michael, Et tu??

Posted by Alyssa on January 7th, 2010

In promotion for Michael Cera’s new movie, “Youth in Revolt,” he has taken up with the gang from MTV’s newest brain-melting endeavor, “The Jersey Shore.” He hung out with the crew for a day, chowing down some pizza with J-WOWW (I don’t know why that needs to have so many Ws, but ok..) and even recieving a personal guido hairstyling from Pauly D.

The “Jersey Shore” page on MTV’s website shows the three videos of Michael chillin’ Jersey style with the crew. In the first video, he recieves his new “look,” and snaps some photos with Pauly D. In the second, Michael learns the Jersey Fist Pump and how to grind with the ladies. Oh this poor, innocent boy. In the last video, he gets into the hot tub with the rest of the cast. I genuinely hope he has an adequate amount of penicillin handy. The uniting of nerdy and trashy makes for an amazingly funny watch.

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