NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for June 3 2023

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What is the NY Times Crossword game ?

The NY Times Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. You can play daily on the official New York Times website or in the NY Times app available for both Android and iOS.

NY Times Crossword Clues and Answers for June 3 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the NY Times crossword puzzle for June 3, 2023

Clue Answer
Shape or edge say LANDSCAPE
Winner of three Emmys for Outstanding Game Show Host SAJAK
Sword in the stone EXCALIBUR
Jeers to a team at an away game say ABUSE
Purify in metallurgy DEOXIDIZE
Inclined to be verbose informally GASSY
City in northeast France home of the countrys oldest church METZ
What has spikes of interest? CACTUS
Four-time presidential candidate beginning in 1996 NADER
Hawaiian for long LOA
Most common Korean surname KIM
38-Across as a prefix AERO
Walks with difficulty LIMPS
Bookstore section NEW
What a strangely quiet person might have SOMETHINGTOHIDE
Dont hold back its my treat! ANYTHINGYOUWANT
Words that may fail to soften an insult NOTHINGPERSONAL
See 27-Across TREE
Ancient navigation aids STARS
Frost-covered poetically RIMY
Wick for a Molotov cocktail RAG
Music genre GARAGE
Actress Sink of Stranger Things SADIE
Made a return online EFILED
Top of a tax form LINEA
Completely lose it BLOWAFUSE
Ewe said it! BLEAT
Shows up out of nowhere? TELEPORTS
Church chorus AMENS
Set the pace LED
Chopper AXE
One below a lieut. NCO
Actor/podcaster Shepard DAX
Apple press release? CIDER
Preceder to long or now ERE
Story for the ages SAGA
Byzantine emperor known as Rhinotmetos (the slit-nosed) JUSTINIANII
Criminals cover maybe ASSUMEDNAME
Theyre copied for partners KEYS
Certain cell provider CAPTOR
No Country for Old Men or The Usual Suspects NEONOIRFILM
One on base? ARMYTRAINEE
The merciful man ___ good to his own soul (Proverbs 1117) DOETH
Enthusiastic approval in a text OMGYES
One of the so-called eight limbs of yoga ASANA
Phallic object worshiped as a symbol of Shiva LINGAM
chef SOUS
How dogs kiss WETLY
Middle of to-day? THIS
Didnt say directly HINTED
Hell euphemistically HWORD
Extract GLEAN
Part of an underground system SEWER
Become acclimatized e.g. ADAPT
Part of the Tuscan Archipelago ELBA
1970 hit for the Kinks LOLA
Big act in K-pop BTS
Other side FOE
Place for a bouquet maybe URN
Apt name for a worrier STU
Medium capacity? ESP

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