Nicole Scherzinger To Judge on X Factor US?

Posted by PZ on March 22nd, 2011


It looks as though we’ll be seeing Nicole Scherzinger in the judge’s seat when the X Factor US launches later this year – according to a source, she has landed the job which has been given to her by Simon Cowell. She reportedly also impressed the bosses of the show when she went for a try out audition for the role. A source commented that Nicole has been given a spot on the show:

“Never has there been so much behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing as with ‘X Factor’ USA. “Having lined up Nicole as a potential judge, Simon decided to try something different and unexpected, and have a non-mainstream presenter present.”

The source says that Nicole was a natural on camera which is why she was given the job in the end:

“Nicole’s had screen tests and is a natural in front of the camera. Autocue does not faze her at all. As an established singer, both as a solo artist and in a group, Nicole will be great with the contestants and knows what she is talking about.”

The insider comments that she was given the job a few weeks ago:

“The approach was made a few weeks ago. And although she has still not formally signed, it’s all looking very positive.”

It was rumored that Cheryl Cole, who is a judge on the British version of the show, would be given a role as judge on the new US show, but if Nicole is already in, then it doesn’t seem likely they’ll also still have Cheryl. According to some reports, bosses were worried that Cheryl was not well known enough to give her a job as judge, but Simon may have pulled some strings to land her a job as mentor. Watch this space for an official announcement!


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