Nicole Richie Thinks Virgins Are Stupid

Posted by Moxie on September 7th, 2010

Nicole Richie cracks a sweet smile for photographers as she arrives once again for her seemingly endless traffic school classes in Van Nuys Ca on June 30, 2010. For today's class Nicole loads up the layers, dressing in unseasonably warm attire, most likely to endure the drab cold concrete building of the DMV! Fame Pictures, Inc

Cue moral outrage! Now feel silly, because she didn’t actually say that. I twisted her words! Such is the nature of celebrity gossip on the Internet.

Anyway, Nicole Richie hates her “virgin” tattoo:

“I’m a Virgo and the sign is a virgin. So when I was 16, I got the word ‘virgin’ tattooed on my wrist, thinking I was sooo deep and cool. And now I just look really weird having ‘virgin’ written across my wrist and I have to explain it.”

Heh. She should tell people it’s because she admires Richard Branson; dude looooves his branding, so he’d probably send a nice card with a couple million dollars in it as a little token of his thanks.

In all honesty, Nicole’s always struck me as someone who is actually fairly self-aware and made the bad choices she did because she truly didn’t give a damn, rather than pretending it was some elaborate scheme to fool the public (ahem, Paris “I’m not actually this dumb and whorey, no really” Hilton). And despite being married to an even-more-stupidly tattooed person with a head like a potato, she seems very content and grounded, so good for her. And it could be worse; she could have “Wino Forever” inked on her wrist.

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