Nicole Richie Speaks on Fashion Critics & Raising Her Family

Posted by PZ on September 24th, 2012

Nicole Richie opens up on meeting critics when it comes to her fashion line. She says she has slowly become accustomed to the feeling of rejection but says that critics aren’t always a bad thing because at least it is honesty and so might help you on the path to growing.  She says it has far more value than hearing only positive points about her work because she realizes where she needs to change or perhaps even stay true to herself more:

“Every season, I have pieces that I’m passionate about but for whatever reason the stores don’t want them. You have to get used to it, show them another season. You have to let them go. Always be open to criticism. Criticism is the best thing you can ever get because it’s someone’s honest opinion — you need to hear it. What’s the point of hearing how great you are all the time?”

Nicole says she is trying to raise her family differently to the way she was brought up. She refuses to bring them with her when she’s traveling to work because she wants them to have the stability and thus isn’t prepared to make them move around a lot for her work which is something she did as a child for her father Lionel Richie:

“One of the biggest differences in the way I’m raising my kids versus the way I was raised is that I was on tour a lot. I don’t really do that with my kids. It’s important to me that they have stability. I like them to be home.”

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