Nicole Kidman Struggles with Motherhood

Posted by Chrissie on September 2nd, 2008


These days with the hectic pace of life, having a new baby can be frustrating for just about anyone. But when you are in A-lister celebrity, with a huge career to juggle, media to avoid, and a brood of older children to attend to, new motherhood can be rather overwhelming. And such seems to be the case for Nicole Kidman.

Nicole just gave birth to her baby girl Sunday Rose in July, and is finding the pressure of all that she is and has to be more than a little overwhelming. Friends of hers are concerned about her, as they watched her weight whittle down to ten pounds below her pre pregnancy weight at lightning speed. Nicole has also been said to collapse in tears on occasion under the strain of having to look fabulous, be fabulous, and be a great mom as well.

The weight issue may have been the trigger to her emotional upheaval, as desperate to get back to work again, Nicole understood that at her age, skinny girls are going to get the parts first no matter where you fall on the A list. She dropped ALL of her pregnancy weight within a week of having Sunday, and has kept on the diet bandwagon and is now ten pounds lighter than her pre-baby weight of 125.

Rehearsals for her new musical ‘Nine’ began just a few weeks of her delivery as well, and she is dancing up to three hours a day, training with a trainer, and also jogging, swimming, yoga, and Pilates as WELL.

I get tired just reading all of that, no wonder she is collapsing from it all poor thing. To make matters worse, Nicole is not sleeping well, getting less than four hours of rest a night, as any mother would be the same with a newborn in the fold. Nicole is reputed to be a perfectionist and wants to be the perfect everything – mom, actress, wife, you name it. And the pressure seems to be peaking.

No wonder she seems to be on the verge of cracking. When you add post baby hormones, a workout regime like hers, and lack of sleep, anyone would. Perhaps a doctor should be stepping in on this one. She is not exactly a short girl and towers near the six feet mark. Even ten pounds ago at 125 is pushing it a bit too lean even for an A-lister.

Scary skinny? Yep. And it doesn’t sound like it’s getting better.


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