Nicolas Cage Visits Somali Pirates in Kenyan Prison

Posted by Regina on November 19th, 2009

I’m financial ruin and I owe the I.R.S. $6 million in back taxes, but I own a pre-historic dinosaur skull, yo.

Yeah, he owes the government a shitload of money and, sure, he’s suing his former manager for leading him to “financial ruin,” but Mr. United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on Drugs and Crime had plenty of time for a meet and greet with some suspected pirates in Mombasa.

But these aren’t your standard issue pirates, trying to take over your ship with weapons and terror so they can swipe your loot for an easy buck. No siree.

These are talented motherfuckers with a penchant for singing in public, which they did for Cage, the Associated Press reported. No word if they were trying to replicate those famous Filipino prisoners who fancy dancing to Michael Jackson.

Cage, 46, told the Associated Press he wanted to meet with some of the suspected Somali pirates awaiting trial, hear their stories and understand what fuels piracy off the Somali coast. He’s an actor and needs to find out about “motivation” all the time, so … win-win.

“Then I’m in a position where I can actually make some sense and talk about it when I go back to the states where I go talk to different U.N. councils and discuss the matter,” Cage said.

The prison he visited has become a model for other jails in the country because of the reform work of its chief warden. Cage also gave out awards during his Tuesday visit to wardens in recognition of their outstanding work.

Now he’s back to reality and bankruptcy.

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