Nicki Minaj’s Chest is Ready to Explode at the Christmas Extravaganza

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Stepping out to attend the Christmas Extravaganza which was held at Webster Hall in New York City on Christmas Day, Nicki Minaj stuffed her cleavage into a black figure-hugging cutout jumpsuit which featured a very plunging neckline. Never one to cover up her chest, Nicki’s boobs look like they’re about to either slip out and free, or explode from all the pressure of being contained. The jumpsuit itself isn’t so bad, it’s pretty subtle if you ignore the weird studded shoulder plates which aren’t even that strange – this is almost refined, at least for her. She completed the look with towering Christian Louboutin peep-toe sandals, oversized red sunglasses and a short black wig with bangs.

Nicki’s style is always so original and over the top, and this follows her usual rules: she doesn’t care as long as she likes it and she’s making a big statement! This shows off her figure well and is almost flattering if her boobs weren’t completely in everyone’s face. It makes it slightly tackier and more tasteless than if she was more covered up, mostly because they’re so big and the most noticeable thing on show because everything else is dark. Nicki boldly steps out being true to herself in this one and it actually pretty much works for once!