Nick Jonas is Open Minded About Stage Nudity, Loves Gay Fans

Nick Jonas, who has made several theater appearances, said that he would consider getting naked for a role on stage. Nick is set to appear in the Broadway show ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, and says that you have to be open to anything when it comes to acting, even if that means going nude for a part:

“I love theatre and I understand the difference between acting and who you are as a person. I don’t know that it’s something I would’ve done in the end, but I definitely would’ve considered it. You have to be open to everything.”

Nick also comments on the gay fans that have supported him and the rest of The Jonas Brothers, commenting that many of them give great gifts to him and he also says they have great style. He says that he always looks forward to meeting them and he likes how they are influenced by him and his brothers:

“We love our gay fans. It was definitely cool when we realised that, because the more you can grow your audience, the more people you can impact. They’ve been incredible over the years. My brothers and I totally look forward to meeting them, because they really respond to our style, and it’s cool to see how our influence has impacted what they’re wearing. They also give really good gifts at our meet-and-greets — hats, scarves, and other things. They always have good taste.”