NFL Power Rankings Divisional Round: Chiefs and Eagles are in the lead for the Super Bowl

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It is not uncommon for the real games to begin in the NFL playoffs’ Divisional Round. The Divisional Round power rankings are starting to take shape now that the Wild Card Round of the 202-2023 playoffs is over.

Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings: The Chiefs and Eagles have the best chances of winning the Super Bowl

Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings: The Chiefs and Eagles have the best chances of winning the Super Bowl
All teams are on equal footing now; no one is guaranteed advancement to the next round, and the outcome of every game will be decided by actual play.

The value of playing at home has always been significant, but it is less significant now than at any time in the history of the National Football League.

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NFL Power Rankings: Divisional Round

1. Kansas City Chiefs

In reality, it makes little difference that the Kansas City Chiefs have a mediocre defense. After removing teams with injured quarterbacks, they still have the best passing game in the league.

The Chiefs have an extremely potent offense. Overall, the Chiefs’ defense is performing well. That’s good enough to rank as the top team in the NFL.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

For this reason, an AFC team that is superior on paper will have a lower chance of reaching the Super Bowl if they play in the NFC rather than the AFC.

In that light, despite fielding a very good squad, the Philadelphia Eagles have to settle for second place.

3. Buffalo Bills

It’s clear why the Buffalo Bills were preseason Super Bowl favorites. They have made a concerted effort over the past few years to shore up their shaky areas, and as a result, their roster, on both offense and defense, has few holes.

4. San Francisco 49ers

There are a number of statistical categories in which the San Francisco 49ers rank second only to the Kansas City Chiefs, and net expected points is one of those categories. They consistently have one of the best defenses in the NFL and can shut out their opponents.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Few opportunities have been given to NFL teams outside of the top five in the league. The Cincinnati Bengals are a legitimate top-five team and could easily be in second place.

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6. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys came into the season with a plan to be a playoff powerhouse. Their incredible defense carried the team and put them in position to compete for the division and the first seed by the time Dak Prescott returned from injury early in the season.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

To make the playoffs, Trevor Lawrence, Doug Pederson, and the Jacksonville Jaguars overcame significant obstacles.

In spite of this, they were able to triumph in the weak AFC South and then mount a miraculous comeback against the Chargers to reach the Divisional Round.

8. New York Giants

While “being happy to be here,”  may not be enough for the New York Giants, their fans are likely content with the status quo.

After starting the season 6-1, the Giants were called “frauds,” and those predictions came true as they finished the year 3-6-1 for a 9-7-1 record.

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