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Not News: Kim Kardashian Would “Love to be Skinny for the Day”

Kim Kardashian has let us in on a little secret – hold your breath, it’s about as vapid as you’d expect – she’d love to be supermodel thin just for a day to see what it’s like. Kim, who is famous for her curvy figure, says that although she can’t be that thin in real life, she can learn to love what she sees in the mirror, even if sometimes she isn’t totally happy with what’s really there:

”If I could have anyone’s body, I’d love to be a supermodel. I’d love to be skinny for the day. It’s a process. You have to learn to accept it. You have to learn to like what you see in the mirror, but there are definitely times when I don’t. I’m built a certain way and you just can’t change that.”

Kim also admits that she grew up looking at thin models but knew there was something different about her shape. She now works hard to maintain her figure even though she still doesn’t conform to typical ‘thin’ Hollywood standards. She even takes aim at her thighs, saying she’s never liked them and reveals she isn’t always confident:

”In Hollywood, people are used to stick-skinny women, and that’s never going to be me. Growing up, I’d look at those skinny models and feel like I looked different. I’m not always confident. I have hang-ups like everyone else – I’ve never been a big fan of my thighs. I work hard at the gym to look like this. It’s not easy and I have to work at it every day of the year, and watch what I eat.”