NBC Is Gracious, Run By Good Sports

Posted by Moxie on July 20th, 2010

TV host Conan O'Brien leaves a midtown restaurant in New York on June 24, 2010 and greets some fans that patiently waited outside for the popular nighttime TV comedian. O Brien s biggest fan Radio Man was there too.  Fame Pictures, Inc

In a move that probably shouldn’t be surprising, considering that the network is run by ginger-hating villains who sit around twirling their mustaches while thinking up ways to deprive the world of laughter, NBC has decided that the Emmys telecast will not include the category for which Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show was nominated. But I guess it sort of makes sense because it wasn’t an important category anyw – oh, it was the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series? A category that they always show, because it’s always won by talk show hosts who are invariably hilarious and lead to good ratings? I wonder what prompted such an odd decision…

Well, besides being mustachioed incarnations of pure evil, NBC honchos are full of class and grace, so they decided that they weren’t going to allow questions of taste and decency to get in the way of petty revenge. Even though they claim they aren’t behind the decision, it’s pretty clear that the higher-ups at NBC are worried about what Conan might say if he wins an award of excellence for a show that was stolen out from under him – by a guy who A) hasn’t won this award since 1995, B) hasn’t been nominated for it since 2003, and thus C) wasn’t nominated for it this year after whining and pouting and stamping his foot until he got “his” show back.

With any luck, people will put up enough of a fuss that the network decides to air the category in fear of even more terrible publicity. Most likely, though, they’ll bullheadedly stick to their stupid decision like they always do, which will just make it even better if Conan and his team win for any of the other, televised, categories for which they are nominated  (Art Direction, Writing, and Direction). I’m putting in my bid to God for a satirical musical number featuring Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. God, I’ll take my chances with the cancer again if you make that number happen. Amen.

Update: So maybe it’s not actually NBC’s fault, since the Emmy showrunners decided years ago that certain categories would alternate being aired in order to cut down on the broadcast length – and this just doesn’t happen to be the year for “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series.” But I’m sure that’s because the gravitational pull of Jay Leno’s chin ripped apart the time-space continuum in a fashion that ensured Conan’s victory would not be aired for the masses.

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