Nate Dogg

Cause of Nate Dogg’s Death Solved?

Posted by Rebecca on March 17th, 2011

Some answers in the boggling and tragic Nate Dogg death… Granted, I know this isn’t Nate Dogg, but I couldn’t find a picture of him on the new picture site that we now use. Still, I hope this ridiculous picture of Snoop Dogg will suffice (last names are the same!). But, I digress.  According […]

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Rapper Nate Dogg Passes Away Aged 41

Posted by PZ on March 16th, 2011

American rapper Nate Dogg (real name Nathaniel D. Hale) has passed away aged 41. The rapper, who died yesterday, had suffered several strokes in the past, and although it was unclear at first the cause of his death, his lawyer has since stated that he died as a result of “stroke complications”. Nate has been […]

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