My Spirit Has Been (Un)Bah-roh-ken

Posted by Kim on August 15th, 2007


American Idol audition watch!  Remember the Brittenum twins from Season 6?  The major drama queens who smack talked their way into the top 24 round, only to be booted for stealing a car?  They tried out again for season seven, and boy do I hope they make it to Hollywood!  I’ll never forget when one of them quit the competition because he thought his brother had been eliminated…only to find out he had made it.

I hear  there have been a lot of familiar faces at the tryouts this year.  And there’s going to be one big change to the competition as a whole in Season 7….the contestants will be allowed to play instruments once they get to the top 12.  Good  job, it only took them seven years to try and make the show less karaoke.


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