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“Hold It Against Me” Video So Good It Needs To Be Explained

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

Britney Spears’ puzzling,  disgustingly consumer-oriented video so brilliant, it needs to be explained by Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph. The video’s promo is Britney,  among Sony televisions, brand name perfumes, plenty of fish placements and COMETS,  fighting a double of herself.  Yeah, I know, pretty groundbreaking/ridiculous as all hell. Larry Rudolph explains, “There are really two […]

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Rihanna Accused of Stealing More Concepts for Music Video

Posted by Katie F. on February 10th, 2011

  More evidence has been found that Rihanna copied concepts for the video for her newest single “S&M.” Philip Paulus, a 19-year-old fashion photographer from Germany, shot an editorial called Paperworld in August 2010. One of the shots involved a girl in a long, voluminous dress behind plastic sheets taped to the wall. The image […]

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Kanye Rules Again

Posted by Rebecca on October 5th, 2010

…that is, until he does something terrible again. Kanye West was on SNL last saturday and busted out a wicked-ass music video.  Watch them on,  or pretty much any other media outlet known to man. Prince Kanye sung “Power,” and “Runaway,” and Dave Karger from admits that this appearance was far more awesome […]

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Farrah isn’t a bad mom x2.

Posted by Rebecca on September 30th, 2010

Rumors are false! Farrah won’t be procreating anytime soon, thank god. According to Farrah herself from No, I am not. I have no clue how anyone could think that. I don’t understand where it comes from because I don’t have sex! Then who did I get that handjob from last night?  She had long, […]

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The Effects Of Botox On Vocal Expression: A Monograph

Posted by Moxie on June 23rd, 2010

I think we should all just suck it up and admit that Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise attracts some of the finest musical talent that has ever graced the small screen. Try all you want to dissolve the sugar of rationalization in it…you know you’re still drinking bitter, bitter haterade. I’ve selected the following examples of […]

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Miley’s $25,000 Corset

Posted by Alyssa on May 5th, 2010

In Miley Cyrus’s new music video for her single, “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley turns peacock. No, really. She wears a giant spray of peacock feathers as well as $25,000 silver corset with 24,000 metal pieces, designed by The Blonds. Despite her usual trash-tastic appearance, this look is rather beautiful. For everyone out there awaiting the […]

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Beyonce Retro Glam In New Music Video

Posted by Alyssa on May 4th, 2010

Beyonce is the ultimate chameleon. In her new music video for “Why Don’t You Love Me?” B shows us her pin-up girl style. She pulls off some of the most ultimate retro looks with ease: thigh high stockings, cat-eye sunglasses, winged eyeliner and hot pants. While performing daily household tasks in platform heels, Beyonce definitely […]

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Christina Aguilera’s Poor Attempt At a Comeback

Posted by PZ on May 1st, 2010

Christina Aguilera‘s new video for Not Myself Tonight has just been released. Some are calling the video too sexy, and a bad influence for children – but this bland, has-been attempt at evoking controversy by dressing up as a hoe and making it look as though she’s dancing mid-orgasm has made this whole video into […]

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M.I.A. Is Against Ginger-Jihad

Posted by Moxie on April 27th, 2010

I’m going to assume, anyway, because the other option is that her new music video is a nine-minute snuff film that could have been directed by Eric Cartman. M.I.A.’s been off the scene for a little bit after the birth of her daughter following a huge tour to support her album Kala (which graced us […]

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MTV Bans Telephone Video – Even Though It has 13 Million Youtube Views!

Posted by PZ on March 15th, 2010

MTV have banned the video for the Lady Gaga & Beyonce collaboration, Telephone. The video, which has already had 13 million views on youtube (in just 3 days) is obviously a highly popular video – one that might even bring viewers to MTV.  This seems like a stunt to create publicity for themselves – and […]

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Gorillaz Music Video Starring Bruce Willis Smashes Youtube World Record

Posted by PZ on March 12th, 2010

Gorillaz newest music video, for the single Stylo which comes from their new album Plastic Beach, has entered into the record books already. The video, which stars Bruce Willis, has broken the record for the most views on youtube within a one day period. The video managed to get a staggering 900,000 views in its […]

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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – RGM version

Posted by sparky on March 3rd, 2010

Another very very cool music video from OK Go.  The song is called This Too Shall Pass and the video was directed by James Frost and was created with the help of Syyn Labs. For those who may need a little reminder, OK Go did the classic Here It Goes Again (The Treadmill Video). You […]

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