NEW MTV Skins Makes Fashion Dirty

Posted by Christie on December 30th, 2010

Fresh new batch of celebrities to rise to the scene- nine to be exact, are the fresh faced crew to join the ‘Skins’ family.  The original UK version has been a popular hit for year across the pond on E4, and airing in the US on BBC America. Eleanor Zichy, Camille Cresencia-Mills, Rachel Thevenard, Daniel Flaherty, Jesse Carere, Ron Mustafaa, Britne Oldford, James Newman, Sofia Black D’Elia make up the effervescent cast.  Style watches, look ahead!  These kids will be on fashion magazines with the Spring ‘11 trends you’ll want to buy!  The creativity and allure of the costumes may rival what Gossip Girl was so famous for, but the signals for Skins’ fashions point to “dance club/dirty/real life town.”  This time, fans can afford the new looks they see on television…check out the new trailer.

Starting January 17th, season one begins! The comedy about teenage life (with no shortage of drugs, sex, and club music?) will be airing on MTV, where else?

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