MTV Bans Telephone Video – Even Though It has 13 Million Youtube Views!

Posted by PZ on March 15th, 2010

MTV have banned the video for the Lady Gaga & Beyonce collaboration, Telephone. The video, which has already had 13 million views on youtube (in just 3 days) is obviously a highly popular video – one that might even bring viewers to MTV.  This seems like a stunt to create publicity for themselves – and I think they’ve possibly begun airing the video now, due to a big reaction in the media (its already featured in CNN).  MTV can ban all the videos they like – they hardly play any music now as it is – their schedule is filled with reruns of reality shows these days, so it’s not as if you’d even notice if they didn’t have a certain video on the channel anyway.

MTV took to twitter to deny the ban, even though the news was everywhere that the ban had already taken place. While MTV might still draw a crowd and had a huge hit recently with Jersey Shore – I don’t think it pulls in many viewers for music videos anymore, which is reflected in the amount of air time that music videos actually get on the channel.

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